Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We hit up the 2010 Dew Tour this year in Salt lake city. There is just something about dirt bikes and skate boards that I love.... everyone else seemed to love it too! They block off a whole street and do fun booths for the kids. And I think Scott enjoyed the Mt. Dew taste testing station.

The riders were incredibly talented and really young. I was impressed with all the tricks, flips and jumps they pulled off. Really fun to watch.

We met up with my brother Cory and his Sweet wife Brit. They are big Dew Tour fans too. It was a fun day besides the ridiculously long lines and extreme heat! But who remembers that part, right??

Top of Utah Half

I ran and finished my first half marathon this year! Go Me! My good friend Emerald who has done this race a few times and gave me lots of good tips and trained with me a little before hand. She rocked it!

My legs were Jello by the end but I was so happy with what I had accomplished. I came in just barely under 2 hours. Which exceeded all my expectations! I felt really good about it.

Thank you for water stations! and the one hour massage we booked for afterwards!(that was a definent must) Hope this was my first of many... races, that is! I'll be ok to include massages as well.

First Day of School

I think they are really excited about their first day! You wouldn't know it by the looks on their faces... but it's oozing out of them... I can feel it! "SCHOOL, SCHOOL, SCHOOL!!! WE LOVE SCHOOL!" ok, maybe not.... Mr. K on the other hand was very excited to be starting Kindergarton this year. He has loved school and coming home and doing his little homework pages. It has been so fun to see him starting to read and enjoy learning. We hope it stays that way....

hair today, gone tomorrow

This boy loves his shaggy long locks... Not sure if it's becuase the neighbor loves it as well and has made up songs about his beautiful long hair. Or the fact that it keeps the cold out in the winter almost like earmuffs (but better) But his momma can't handle it when he wakes up every morning and it looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket! (this is not an exaggeration) So as much as we love the long hair.... We told it good bye. (I'm sure in a few months it will be right back to this)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween Part 2

We have Mr. K as a Zombie Killer and Mr. B as the Devil.... Mr. B had earned some money working for his grandpa and used it all to buy the skeleton guy next to him! Oh well... to each his own. Love the way they pose! Be afraid, very Afraid!


I don't think I was too "wicked" but i was more of a FUN witch! This Kid was all about the Scary.

THinking of sending this family photo out on our Christmas Cards (if i ever got around to sending them out...hmmm... maybe next year!)

Gingerbread house

It was a Friday night and definetly not quit as a mouse as the boys were busy making a gingerbread house! Mr. B used some frosting to make a santa mustache and beard!

Mr. K enjoys sharing "PEACE" with everyone :)

They worked really hard and we spent lots of time with an M&M roof and sugar cookie tree in the backyard.

It was so much fun to create this with them and see their smiling faces... Interesting though that every day I find a little more of the house missing... First it was a few frosting icicles and then a few M&M Christmas lights here and there... maybe I should take an after picture and see what's remaining by Christmas day!